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First Amendment Activities
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nie video screen

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word of the day

A great vocabulary builder, terrific for SAT practice.

quote of the day

An inspirational quote and writing prompt.

around the globe

Headlines from around the world with an interactive globe. Speech tool can read the story aloud.

comparing news stories

A brief news story and a writing lesson, updated daily.

lesson plans

Ten+ lesson plans in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, timed to this week's events.

activity sheet

Can be printed and distributed to students.

newsie k-3

A video and news activity for students in grades K-3.

video news views

A video and news poll activity for grades 4 and higher. Updated weekly.

write the news

A weekly in-depth writing assignment with instructions and news connection.

from the core

Informational text with a self-assessment comprehension quiz. Updated weekly.

page 1 prime

An in-depth look at a story making news this week.

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E-editions: Learning with online newspapers

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dogwood best graphic

Congratulations to the Herald-Leader Newspaper in Education project “Mr. Dogwood Goes to Washington” for winning an international award from the World Association of Newspapers for the best “Newspaper and Literacy” project in the world! The unique newspaper chapter story was written by Kentucky author Leigh Anne Florence and illustrated by Kentucky illustrator James Asher and had a civic literacy theme. The story included a podcast, scrapbooks and online learning activities.

This annual statewide Kentucky literacy project was sponsored by LG&E/KU, both E.ON companies, Kentucky Press Association and the Kentucky Secretary of States Office. The project is directed by the NIE Manager.

The prize honors the newspaper that devises the year’s most innovative project to develop young readership. WAN is a non-profit non-governmental organization representing more than 18,000 publications in 102 nations in five continents. The award will be presented to the Herald-Leader in Amsterdam this fall.

Watch the video of
Kriss Johnson receiving
the WAN award
“Newspapers and Literacy”
in Amsterdam.

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High Five: Media Literacy for middle school is designed to help students develop vocabulary, higher-order thinking skills and critical reasoning. At completion of the unit, students will be prepared to make informed decisions regarding personal and academic experiences. Most of all, they will be engaged in stimulating and involving activities.