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Things to do:

  • Immediately report if newspapers don't arrive as scheduled
  • 2 x a school year return affidavit – received and returned via email
  • Send NIE sponsor a thank you
  • Scan newspaper for content before giving to students
  • Try the eEDITION on Smartboard, desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad or other tablets with a browser
  • Let NIE know your curriculum needs

Print and save for future reference.

You are requesting a Newspaper in Education grant which means you’ll be an NIE teacher. The value of your NIE Herald-Leaders will be paid for by a business assigned by the Newspaper in Education program.

As a NIE teacher with a grant for sponsored Herald-Leaders:

  1. Order ten or more newspapers for Tuesday delivery. Sponsored Herald-Leader newspapers are for student use in the classroom, so we encourage you to request a classroom set, use them and then send them home. Encourage homework and family literacy time using the newspaper.

  2. Included with this year's NIE grant is a 7-day eEDITION subscription. You will be emailed a username and password that can be shared with students.

  3. Notify us right away if your print Herald-Leaders are not delivered to your school or center. CLICK HERE to notify us via email.

    Please note: All NIE print Herald-Leaders ordered by ALL teachers at your school and/or center are delivered in TWO big stacks to the front of your school early in the morning. One stack contains the front, or "A" section, of the newspaper, while the second stack contains the remaining sections and inserts. NIE only sends enough Herald-Leaders to complete the orders. There are no extras. And no names on the bundles. You are asked to count out the number of Herald-Leaders you requested.

  4. IMPORTANT! At the end of each semester sign and return an emailed affidavit (not applicable to Adult Ed centers or GEAR-UP). This is for our mandatory auditing purposes. It shows our auditors that NIE delivered business-paid Herald-Leaders (print and digital) to your school and they were received by you and used with students. That’s why it’s important you notify us right away if you aren’t receiving the newspapers you ordered.

  5. NIE newspaper grants require NIE teachers and students to thank their sponsor a couple times during the school year by sending  thank you notes, artwork, photos, or other thank you ideas to the business that is paying for your NIE newspapers/eEDITIONs.  You are also encouraged to invite the sponsor to visit your classroom.  Please send a copy of your thank yous to NIE, nie@herald-leader.com

  6. Visit www.nieconnects.com for new weekly current event activities and other downloadable curriculum.

  7. Read the newspaper first. If on a certain day you feel there is anything inappropriate for classroom use in the Herald-Leader just pull out that section and use the rest of the newspaper.

  8. Keep in touch with NIE. We love to hear your stories about using newspapers.

YES. I accept these responsibilities to be an NIE teacher.

NO. I decline and please cancel my order.